Friday, December 9, 2016

Carrera 4 Lane Super Speedway

Carrera 4 Lane Super Speedway

Carrera Nascar Super Speedway…….a Sport Craft Exclusive.  We have created a large 4-lane banked Tri-Oval utilizing Carrera’s outstanding high bank curves.  This 4-lane tri-oval speedway of our own design simulates the fast speedways like Talladega.  Carrera’s super wide 1/24 scale track with high bank capability makes it possible to create a speedway replica which is banked all the way around the track.  Yet this track takes up only 7.5′ × 10.5′.  We provide a complete package with everything you need, already pre-planed to fit together.  You only add cars, nothing else to buy.

We have used Carrera’s widest banked track pieces on the outer bank as well as all of the supports required.  We have also included 2 of the heavy duty dual power 18 volt transformers made for Carrera’s 1/24 scale race sets.  You also get 4 controllers for the package price below.  The package we offer does not include cars.  We recommend 1/32 Scalextric Nascar racers which run great on this Super Speedway.  You can choose from at least 15 different Scalextric Nascar cars shown on our Scalextric Car page.


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